Digitalisation: Rural Mobility in the Digital Age | Fifth Rural Mobility (Web) Seminar

MAMBA Fifth Rural Mobility Seminar, transformed into a webinar, has successfully taken place on the 26 March 2020.


The historical place Trelleborg City, with its Viking castle and beautiful Axel Ebbes statues, was unfortunately not able to welcome MAMBA project partners and MAMBA guests. Instead of having to travel, near and far, the seminar transformed into a webinar. Hosts Christoffer Pettersson-Hernestig and Felix Sunnesson, with the help of Natalia Muntean from Nordregio, guided participants through different topics about autonomous vehicles, autonomous technology and resilient thinking and planning. Ideas and visions of what will come were shared and projected.
The critical elements of MAMBA were presented once again but on a digital stage. As the project is coming to an end, a summary of everything done and explored was presented to the audience. This webinar presented new technology that could be one of many solutions to the challenges of rural mobility and what the future could offer, if the private and the public sectors, together with grassroots organisations, start planning rural mobility in a new innovative way.


The webinar did not only bring MAMBA project partners closer but also offered inspiration to other people as to what this new technology could bring. With this webinar, MAMBA was able to reach a broader audience, with a lot more people attending than during earlier seminars. Around 100 persons joined the webinar and started to share information among each other, which shows the potential with digitalisation and that the future will not only change physical mobility but also that the future will probably offer new digital tools to keep rural areas alive. Seeing this new way of coming together is precisely a result that MAMBA stands for since people blossom when they can discuss and share their knowledge with others. It is great to see the possibilities brought by digital solutions and how these can support and develop new ideas when it comes to mobility and service in rural areas.


*If you didn’t have a chance to join the webinar, you can find the recording and the presentations below.

Recording of the Rural Mobility Webinar “Digitalisation: rural mobility in the digital age”


Rural Mobility Webinar presentations:

MAMBA Project
Doris Scheer, SEMPRE & MAMBA Project manager and Annika Schmiedek-Inselmann, MAMBA Project


Autonomous shuttles in the countryside of northern Sweden
Petra Bassioukas Hanseklint, Traffic engineer, Skellefteå municipality


Results from the rural mobility study
Jonas Johansson & Tim Nilsson, Skånetrafiken


Tomorrow’s rural mobility today
Magnus Qvant & Silvia Haslinger Olsson, Nordic Urban Resilience Institute

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