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If you are looking to find inspiration, good practice cases and contacts you are at the right place. This database is a repository of knowledge, experiences and lessons learnt related to rural mobility and accesbility of services in rural areas in the Baltic Sea region and beyond. Fed with examples from the MAMBA project but also with others, you will be able to browse through numerous cases of geographical, innovative and modal diversity, stretching from A like “accessibility of services” to Z like “zero emissions mobility”.


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Transport on Demand (ToD): Public transport services with flexible routing and timetable, adjusted according to demand. Travellers make reservations beforehand to optimize routing and traveller frequency. They are also known as Demand Responsive Transport (DRT); dial-a-ride; citizen buses.


Car sharing: Previously approved subscribers can rent available cars on short notice for short periods, usually less than a day. Reservation, pickup, and return are all self-services, and the tariff usually covers all costs, including gasoline and insurance.


Ridesharing: Drivers offer ride sharing in spare seats to travellers going the same direction. Usually through a mobile application. This is also known as car-pooling. Rural car sharing schemes usually also offer a ridesharing service, often serviced through volunteer drivers.


Mobility-as-a-service (MaaS): Offers a flexible, well-priced and environmentally sustainable alternative to vehicle ownership by making all forms of travel accessible through a unified gateway using a single account (e.g. public transport, car sharing, car leasing, bike share) and integrated ticketing.


Combined transport solutions: May include combining passenger transport with goods transport (or the other way around); linking public transport with biking; timetable adjustments that make it easier to combine different public transport services


Service to people: Services reach the user instead of the other way round as usual, e.g. mobile services that visit rural and peripheral areas in order to address particular needs or digital councelling or eHealth services.


Mobility Centre (MC): MCs offer tailor-made mobility information and services, combining all available transport modes such as car-sharing, and pooling, ToD, bike-sharing and other options. MCs can take both the form of a physical or a digital centre.


Other: Could be a mobility or accessibility solution through innovative public procurement or other novel approaches.

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