What is
MAMBA about?

MAMBA is about maximizing mobility and accessibility of services in rural regions. It is a project under the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme that runs from October 2017 until September 2020. It includes 15 partners from six countries: Denmark, Germany, Poland, Latvia, Finland and Sweden. MAMBA has a budget of 3.54 million EUR.

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The challenge

With decreasing and ageing populations in many rural areas in the Baltic Sea Region, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up public transport and other services that depend on mobility, such as home care or home deliveries. This reduced accessibility of services impacts life quality of people living outside urban centres.


The MAMBA project aims to meet this challenge by promoting sustainable “people-to-service” and “service-to-people” mobility solutions in rural areas. In practice, MAMBA partners will collaborate to improve the integration of existing mobility structures with innovative mobility solutions like citizen buses, mobility as a service (MaaS) and ride sharing applications.


The goal is to maximise mobility and accessibility of services in rural regions, while involving users in the process.


1. Diaconie of Schleswig Holstein, Germany (Lead Partner)

2. Nordregio, Sweden

3. Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, Latvia

4. Vidzeme Planning Region, Latvia

5. County of Ploen, Germany

6. County of Cuxhaven, Germany

7. Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia, Finland

8. Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences

9. Regional Council of North Karelia, Finland

10. Vejle Municipality, Denmark

11. Municipality of Trelleborg, Sweden

12. Bielsko District, Poland

13. Bielsko-Biala Regional Development Agency, Poland

14. Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility, Germany

15. Road Transport Administration, Latvia

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MAMBA pilot actions and Mobility Centres for integrated rural mobility
A core MAMBA activity is our partners‘ ongoing implementation of nine innovative pilot projects/actions to improve mobility and service accessibility for residents in rural areas.

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The pilots include transport on demand (ToD) services; car sharing and ride sharing applications; mobility as a service (MaaS) systems; and combined mobility solutions. The pilots will be tested by users, and results, success factors, barriers etc. will be documented. Ultimately, the pilots will serve as transferable solutions for other rural areas in the Mamba partner regions and beyond. The results will be presented at international mobility seminars and study visits to the pilot sites, as well as in the coming MAMBA database and rural mobility compendium. Building on the learnings from the pilots, Mamba partners will also establish physical or digital Mobility Centres in ten rural areas in the Baltic Sea Region, targeting specific mobility needs in each area. For example, enhance transport administration and information systems and create new platforms for public and private transport providers to coordinate their services.

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Existing Mobility Services
The MAMBA project doesn’t operate in a vacuum. Clearly, a lot of innovation is already going on in the Baltic Sea Region when it comes to sustainable and smart mobility solutions for rural areas.

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An important part of the MAMBA project is to collect and analyze these good practice mobility examples from across the region and make them easy to find and compare through a public database. Below you will find a few examples, representing different kinds of mobility solutions, from ride sharing applications to Mobility as a Service systems and Transport on Demand services.

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Involving users to improve the design of new solutions
MAMBA includes users and civil society organisations in the development of sustainable mobility solutions. Seminars and workshops at the local level will promote participation and result in a manual for self-organised mobility which addresses grass-roots initiatives throughout the BSR.

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Contact us

Please contact us to learn more about MAMBA, to get involved in the design of new rural mobility solutions, or to share information about existing mobility services or events. If you have a general question, or want to stay up to date, please fill in the form to the right!

Communication and website:

Nordregio – Team Nordregio: [email protected]


Project management:

REM Consult – Hakan Uraz: [email protected]


Management of the Knowledge Database:

InnovationSkåne – Anders Nilsson: [email protected]

Media Kit

Mobility Centres and pilot actions:

You will find contact information to each Mobility Centre and pilot action here:


    Stakeholders and Networks

    Besides our partners, there are many stakeholders around MAMBA, waiting for and contributing to MAMBA results. Our primary stakeholders include: Local, regional and national policy-makers and mobility planners; Public and private transport companies and service providers with clients in rural areas; Grassroots organisations representing rural mobility users; and Technology developers.

    Additional stakeholders include related Interreg projects, regional collaboration councils, research institutes focusing on sustainable transport and mobility, and not least civil society organisations working for sustainable rural development, mobility and accessibility of services.

    Akademie für die Ländlichen Räume Schleswig-Holsteins e. V. (Academy for rural development) | Visit website
    autodelen.net (Carshare Belgium) | Visit website
    Baltic Sea States Subregional Co-operation (BSSSC) | Visit website
    CONCITO Denmark’s green thinktank | Visit website
    Council of the Baltic Sea States | Visit website
    CPMR Baltic Sea Commission Transport Group | Visit website
    EU Commission DG Regio | Visit website
    European Rural Parliament | Visit website
    German Association for Housing Urban and Spatial Development | Visit website
    Hela Sverige ska leva (Sweden’s main NGO for rural development) | Visit website
    HiReach project | Visit website
    INCLUSION project | Visit website
    Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme | Visit website
    Interreg BSR project SEMPRE | Visit website
    Interreg Central Europe project Peripheral Access | Visit website
    Interreg Central Europe project RUMOBIL | Visit website
    Interreg North Sea region G-PaTRA | Visit website
    IVL – Swedish Environmental Research Institute | Visit website
    Kylätoiminta ry, Village Action Association of Finland | Visit website
    NAH.SH (Transport Association Schleswig-Holstein) | Visit website
    nexus Institute for Cooperation Management and Interdisciplinary Research | Visit website
    Nordic Council of Ministers | Visit website
    POLIS Network | Visit website
    Rupprecht Consult | Visit website
    SMARTA project | Visit website
    South Ostrobothnia Health Care District
    South Ostrobothnia Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment
    The Social Insurance Institution of Finland
    VASAB | Visit website
    Verkehrsbetriebe Kreis Ploen (VKP) | Visit website
    VTI (Statens väg- och transportforskningsinstitut) | Visit website

    Interreg Baltic
    Sea Region

    Mamba is a project under the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme 2014-2020, which supports territorial development and cooperation for a more innovative, accessible and sustainable Baltic Sea Region. Partners from countries around the Baltic Sea work together in transnational projects on common key challenges and opportunities.


    The Programme offers funding in four thematic fields, known as Priorities:

    • Priority 1
      “Capacity for innovation”, offers support for development of innovation infrastructures, smart specialisation and non-technological innovations.
    • Priority 2
      “Efficient management of natural resources”, supports projects on resource efficient blue growth, renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and clear waters.
    • Priority 3
      “Sustainable transport” includes projects like MAMBA on accessibility of remote areas as well as environmentally friendly shipping and urban mobility.
    • Priority 4
      offers funding to Seed Money projects within the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, including coordination of the EU Strategy stakeholders.
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