MAMBA regional stakeholder conference in Kiel

On 27 February 2020, on a rainy Thursday, 46 stakeholders and partners of the MAMBA project from Northern Germany and Denmark took part in a regional conference.


After a warm welcome from the Pastor of the Diaconie of Schleswig-Holstein, Heiko Naß, and a discussion regarding “Europe in Schleswig-Holstein”, initiated by Susanne Grahl, part of the European ministry of SH in the department of Interreg Baltic Sea affairs, the focus shifted on to the MAMBA project.


Doris Scheer presented MAMBA in a European context, and the project partners from the County of Plön, the County of Cuxhaven, Vejle Municipality and Diaconie of SH presented their pilots and their experiences.


After the presentations, a conversation titled “Rural Areas – Aspects for Discussion” was initiated with an input from Bernd Wolfgang Hawel (Urban and regional planner), who brought in context through a comprehensive state-of-the-art account the mobility and accesibility challenges of rural areas in (Northern) Germany and the Baltic Sea region.


The interactive part of the conference took place after lunch, under the guidance of Muthesius Art academy, who encouraged the participants to work in groups and use specific material to create a “Movement supporter”. The session produced impressive outcomes that were presented at the end of the conference day.


Overall it was a successful conference day with fruitful discussions, detailed MAMBA experiences and an exciting journey in changing one’s perspectives.

You can access the presentations and further pictures here.

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