MAMBA project at Rural Researchers event in Ähtäri

On 22 August 2019, MAMBA partner from South Ostrobothnia (Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences and Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia) presented MAMBA project at the annual Rural Researchers event in Ähtäri, Finland. The event was organised by Maaseudun Uusi Aika (MUA), The Finnish Society for Rural Research and Development in collaboration with the Rural Parliament (ROAD project-RURAL Opinions, Advocacy and Development (ROAD)). This year’s topic was Target: Rural, and it attracted nearly 90 developers and researchers.

The event brings together different workgroups that are particularly crucial for sharing research results, introducing projects and discussing with fellow researchers and developers. This year there were eight different workgroups, with MAMBA team participating in the rural transport group. Seven presentations provided different perspectives on rural transport, organising traffic in archipelago, mobility and transportation in planning services and sharing economy and mobility in rural areas. MAMBA team’s focus was to present the background and planning process of the South Ostrobothnia Mobility Centre model for the workgroup.

MUA promotes and develops Finnish rural research, rural development work and Interaction between rural researchers and developers. It also participates in rural policy and social discussion. Rural Researcher event is a multidisciplinary event for researchers and developers. The purpose of the annual meeting is to bring together rural researchers and developers. The researchers provide insight into rural processes and phenomena. Developers, on the other hand, seek to increase the vitality of the countryside trough networks and projects. More information on the event and presentations;

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