Positive feedback on the new app “NaboRide”

In March, Vejle Kommune and NaboGo participated in an event in Smidstrup, Southern Denmark, where they launched the idea and work behind the App “NaboRide”. The app is created in connection to the EU project MAMBA and focuses on mobility in local areas.

The results of a user survey on mobility were presented during the meeting. The survey was aimed at the locals in the area and showed an overall positive approach to the app – both for children and adults. But it also showed that many locals have never used an app for this purpose and information is, therefore, key.

The app is aimed at both adults and children, but tours with children must be booked by their parents to ensure that children do not drive with strangers. The app is also intended for elderly people in the local area and includes the opportunity to help the elderly to pick up e.g. groceries and medicine and get rid of waste. It might help the elderly to stay longer in the area if they know how to use the app.

Overall the survey showed that residents in the local area are positive towards the app and that they believe that the app will have a positive effect on the lives and mobility in the area where the app is implemented.

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