Workshop with “Dorfkümmerern” in Rendsburg

The MAMBA Team of the Diaconie of Schleswig-Holstein and their associated partner, the Academy for Rural Areas of Schleswig-Holstein (ALR), jointly organised a Workshop with a number of village workers who take care of other inhabitants, called “Dorfkümmerer”. The event took place in Rendsburg on 4 March 2019 and the day was structured in two parts.

The first part fell under the responsibility of ALR, who organised and mediated a fruitful discussion, where participants talked about their tasks as village workers (“Dorfkümmerer”) and about the essence of their employment.

The Diaconie organised the second part of the workshop day, where participants were invited to discuss the accessibility of social services in remote areas and share visions on mobility and accessibility of services. The input offered by the participating “Dorfkümmerer” is of immense value for the work that the Diaconie and MAMBA carry out and will feed into the design of the regional service-to-people mobility pilot that the Diaconie is about to develop.

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