The Regional Analytical Framework report

The creation of the Mobility Centre in South Ostrobothnia is moving forward. In a first step, the Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia initiated the outline of the Regional Analytical Framework. The purpose of the Framework Report is to offer up-to-date information on regional health- and social services-related transportation, while making suggestions on their future development. The Regional Analytical Framework will greatly contribute to the development of the Mobility Centre in the region.

The infrastructure consultancy Sitowise conducted the Regional Analytical Framework Report, whereas the regional project partners, Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia and Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (EPTEK), guided the process along with the stakeholders as members of the steering group. The report consists of two different phases; the objective of the first phase was to map all publicly funded transport services in South Ostrobothnia and the objective of the second phase was to create a concrete development plan based upon this overall description of the present situation. In order to obtain feedback, Sitowise and the MAMBA partners formed a work group and organised two regional workshops. In the first workshop, the participants were mainly stakeholders and experts, whereas the second workshop, also included customers and users, to get feedback and comments on the report. During the second workshop it once again became clear, that the target group needs to be kept in mind, when planning their transportation services.

At the end of the process, the following main objectives of the development plan concerning regional health- and social service-related transportation were defined:
• To improve the level of service in passenger transport for all inhabitants
• To introduce transport services to currently isolated regions
• To make statutory transport obligations more equal for all inhabitants
• To make service provision more effective (“more service with the same money”)
• To expand user services (e.g. searching for itineraries, payment transaction, further information etc.)

Overall, the Regional Analytical Framework Report serves as an excellent starting point for the development and implementation of an effective and functional Mobility Centre in the region.

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