Minister visits the Diakonisches Werk Schleswig-Holstein and MAMBA

On 20 July MAMBA lead partner Diakonisches Werk Schleswig-Holstein was visited by Dr. Sabine Sütterlin-Waack, Schleswig-Holstein’s Minister of Justice, Europe, Consumer Protection and Equality. Many rural areas in Schleswig-Holstein are confronted with diminishing bus connections, shut down train lines and neglected roads. In particular health services and other services suffer because of this decline. The MAMBA project focusses on innovative mobility solutions and wants to find solutions to prevent this current development. Dr. Sabine Sütterlin-Waack visited the Diakonisches Werk in order to learn more about MAMBA.

Dr. Sütterlin-Waack emphasised the importance of networks and co-operations. “Communities, the regional economy, social service providers and transport companies need to work together in order to make rural areas attractive and sustainable,” she said. Social participation is essential for the future of rural areas, she pointed out. Furthermore, accessibility plays a decisive role for the economic well-being of rural areas – employment and investments are dependent on accessibility. “MAMBA addresses these important factors in a very effective and convincing manner,” she added.

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