29 May 2019: Innovative business models for rural mobility: MAMBA Webinar #1

Lack of transportation options and poor provision of services is an everyday reality in many rural areas. We often hear that there is ‘no business case’ and ‘no market potential’ for mobility solutions in rural areas. Indeed, few private companies dare to enter this market, and even less make it into viable businesses. But those who do, what is the secret behind their success and how do they overcome the challenges?

In this webinar we will hear stories from two private companies on how they managed to turn mobility challenges in rural areas into economic opportunities. They will also share the struggles and challenges they’ve encountered along the way. We will also meet the municipality of Vejle, a representative from the public sector, who will share their perspective on alternative mobility solutions for rural areas, as well as the potentials and challenges for collaboration with private actors in this regard.

Freelway is a company that offers a combined goods and transport service in rural areas in Sweden. Freelway is a relatively new business, established in 2014 and has several fields of activity. Freelway cooperates with village communities, country shop owners, municipalities, contracted carriers, taxis, the Swedish church etc. by using them as sources of transport in delivery of goods. Private companies are also among the key customers of Freelway. The Freelway service allows employees, partners and customers of participating companies to share free seats in booked taxis, rental cars, car pools, as well as private vehicles.Freelway has recently initiated a collaboration among farmers in co-transportation of goods to local shops/restaurants and service places, as well as a ride sharing service in Skattungbyn, promoting the use of shared taxis and private cars. Read more about Freelway at www.freelway.com.

NABOGO ApS is a company that offers different peer-to-peer services specifically designed to improve mobility in rural areas. The company’s product portfolio contains a ride sharing platform, a peer-to-peer freight platform and a trailer share platform. The NABOGO ride sharing platform uses virtual and physical meeting points and it is able to automatically organize trips based on parts of the selected route from the ride provider. The peer-to-peer freight platform is designed to make it easy for people in smaller communities to help each other with different tasks such as removal of garden waste or bringing home items bought in stores etc. Finally, the trailer sharing platform aims at utilizing the many trailers driving the roads already. The platform offers a sharing platform with full insurance for all types of trailers and caravans.

This webinar is organised by the Interreg BSR MAMBA project in collaboration with Nordregio.

The webinar will take place on 29 May at 12-13 (CEST).