21 February 2019: 2nd MAMBA Rural Mobility Seminar (Vejle, Denmark)

On the 21st of February 2019, MAMBA project will organise its 2nd “Rural mobility seminar”. The event will take place in Vejle, Denmark and will be the second in a series of six seminars. The thematic focus will be on grassroots initiatives, the challenges they face and the opportunities they bring. Particular emphasis will be set on practical insights from successful projects and initiatives, and we will provide ample space to network and mingle with other mobility stakeholders from the Baltic Sea Region and beyond.
The agenda can be found here.


27 September 2018: 1st MAMBA Rural Mobility Seminar (Riga, Latvia)

INNOVATION: Mobility innovations – only for cities?

Drivers of mobility innovations are often large private companies. Naturally, such companies invest where they see the biggest market potential, which is usually in cities. Rural mobility innovations, on the other hand, are rather an offspring of local, sometimes noncommercial initiatives and satisfy different demand patterns. Rural mobility innovations are possible, yet they are hampered by various obstacles. Many of them are structural or legal constraints (just think of the legal barriers to non-commercial car-sharing or combining people-to-service and service-to-people). Another major issue is that too often, innovations tried and tested in the urban context get applied one-on-one to rural regions (where they do not reach their full potential) instead of developing genuine rural approaches.

About the Rural Mobility Seminars

The Rural Mobility Seminar Series has been developed by MAMBA as an event series that reflects current trends and challenges of rural mobility. Each seminar is dedicated to one specific topic and is open for researchers, local decision makers, transport and mobility professionals interested in exchange, networking and new perspectives on rural mobility. With the seminar series, we aim at combining the broad knowledge and experience that exists within the MAMBA partnership with outside views and input. Rural Mobility Seminars are seminars in the best sense. They offer vast space for discussions among practitioners and professionals, framed by different keynote speakers who help to seize and understand mobility challenges and provide inspiration and potential solutions in the form of Good Practices.

The final programme can be found here (pdf): MAMBA_Agenda_Rural Mobility Seminar.


29 November 2018: Nordregio Forum

MAMBA has been invited to host a parallel session at Nordregio Forum, an annual event that gathers 150 policy makers, politicians and others working with regional development in the Nordic and Baltic Sea Regions. This year’s main topic is “Changing Ruralities” and sessions will touch upon attractiveness, youth, tourism and cross-border collaboration amongst other things. MAMBA will host one of the parallel sessions “Innovative rural mobility solutions – how to make them flourish?” and partners and others interested in the MAMBA project are welcome to register for the Forum. The session is lead by Anna Berlina and Julien Grunfelder.


More information about the parallel session

Rural areas are characterised by long distances and a low population density that makes transport provision challenging and expensive. While mobility initiatives in urban areas are largely focused on reducing congestion and responding to environmental concerns, rural initiatives tend to be motivated by the need to increase accessibility. The key question for rural areas is thus how to increase the mobility of all residents, regardless of their socioeconomic status, age, gender or health, in a cost-effective way. Designing mobility solutions that work requires a thorough understanding of the factors that influence transport preferences and travel behaviour. It also relies on intimate knowledge of the specific context where the solution is to be applied and the different actors who will play a role in making the idea a reality.

This parallel session will provide an overview of the current and future trends in innovative rural mobility solutions in the Nordics. The mobility business models that have the biggest potential in rural areas will be explored and the key opportunities and challenges for rural mobility will be discussed. This parallel session draws upon the findings from the Interreg BSR MAMBA project, the research results from the VTI (Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute) and good practice examples from Sweden and Denmark.

MAMBA at the Fehmarnbelt Days in Malmö

On 28 and 29 May, the Fehmarnbelt Days united public and private stakeholders from mobility, infrastructure, civil society and other fields to discuss the future development of the region. The Diaconie of Schleswig-Holstein, Lead Partner of MAMBA, presented the project to the interested public.

While the fixed link across the Belt from Fehmarn to Denmark might currently be the most prominent topic in the region, the Fehmarnbelt Days took a wider perspective and discussed questions revolving around mobility, labour market and social issues in the regional context. For MAMBA, it was an ideal opportunity to showcase the project and to raise awareness about rural mobility and its implications for quality of life and rural development. With our own MAMBA booth in the “Networking Village” we were able to showcase the project and to mingle with other interesting stakeholders.

31 May 2018: ECOMM 2018: European Conference on Mobility Management, Uppsala (Sweden)

ECOMM is an annual, three day event which hosts some 50- 80 lectures, an exhibition and around 350 participants from all over.

Nordregio will represent Mamba during one of the days with the aim of meeting stakeholders and others that would like to learn more about the project or contribute in different ways. Would you like to meet Mamba partners at this event? Get in touch through our contact page!

More information about the event can be found here.