Transport services have become more accessible in Bielsko District!

Before work on the Bielsko District Mobility Centre was started, an analysis of the availability of such solutions and their effectiveness was carried out. At the initial stage of the work, it seemed that there was a need to create a physical office, where our staff would provide interested people with advice on the possibilities of moving around the Bielsko District using the available forms of transport, over the phone. The analyses have been carried out in the way of interviews with service providers and potential users, suggesting the need to move away from the traditional form of MC – a conventional office, and to create a website that will be available 24/7.


Nevertheless, in the event of difficult access to the website (applies to the elder), a telephone line was launched in the Bielsko District Office to support the ToD, offering the possibility to talk to the operator about other transport options in the District. The established Mobility Center of the Bielsko District aim is to encourage residents and tourists to access information on various means of transport in our area. The benefits of creating an MC are also supported by transport providers (taxis, buses, etc.). An essential point in the creation of this type of activities turned out to be cooperation with local carriers, in the form of suggestions on how to conduct such activities. Access to the information mentioned above is possible through the website created for this purpose:, which currently combines two functions:

● is used for MC internet service

● it is used to serve the ToD program implemented by the Bielsko District zadanie


Due to the pilot nature of the implemented measures, the website is run only in Polish with the aim to create subpages in different languages, including English.

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