MAMBA nominated for most innovative public solution!

Trelleborg Municipality, through the MAMBA pilot and co-working space, is nominated for most innovative public solution!


The award is for the most innovative public solution, offered by the national welfare conference, Future and Welfare 2020, which will take place in Malmö on 5-6 March. Trelleborg Municipality is testing a rural mobility solution related to social mobility, arranging weekend trips for older citizens with the help of school buses, when those are not in use. Another part of the initiative consists of a co-working space in Södra Åby, where residents and entrepreneurs can sit and work, thus reducing the need for commuting. Besides these two ideas, the city of Trelleborg has now a cargo bike pool service, meaning that citizens can borrow a cargo bike for 11 days, free of charge.


These initiatives have been possible thanks to collaboration with most administrations within the municipality and rural community associations. Together with these, MAMBA has succeeded in bringing a positive change into the lives of elderly citizens in rural areas, and it is tackling mobility challenges in new ways.


Read more about the Future & Welfare Conference (in Swedish):

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