MAMBA at the Rural Community Centers National Associations conference

In MAMBA, the Municipality of Trelleborg cooperates with Södra Åbys hembygdsförening, a village association from the region. Together, they develop a rural co-working space in the village of Södra Åby to improve quality of life and reduce transportation needs. On 14 February, they participated at the 2020 Rural Community Centres National Association conference in Stockholm, Sweden.


Christoffer Hernestig and Ulla-Britt Olofsson offered interviews in which they talked about MAMBA’s activity and goals, the rural co-working service and how EU-projects, such as MAMBA, can support and help local development in rural areas.


The audience consisted of rural community centre representatives from all over Sweden and politicians from the Swedish Parliament.

To learn more about the conference, click here (in Swedish only).

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