Great success in first six pilot weeks: 199 passengers were carried by ToD

Since the Vidzeme Planning Region has launched a pilot project “transport on demand” in two municipalities of the Vidzeme Planning Region – Aluksne and Mazsalaca municipalities, one and a half months have passed and the first data on the results of the service have been collected.


In the first six weeks, since October 21st, 75 trips were organized in both regions, carrying 199 passengers: 109 passengers (51 trips) in Mazsalaca county, and 90 passengers (24 trips) in Aluksne region (data as of 1.12.2019).


The longest journey in Alūksne county was 73 kilometers, with several inhabitants traveling together, while in Mazsalaca county – 21.5 kilometers. The most common destinations are doctor’s visit, pharmacy, post office. Citizens actively take advantage of the opportunity to visit also shops, the library, music school classes, choir rehearsals and more. Citizens are also keen to use the service to attend cultural events, as the service is available on weekdays from 4:00 to 23:00 in the evening and during the pre-arranged time, it also takes people back home.


Līga Puriņa-Purīte, Project Manager: “In our daily conversations with local residents we conclude that the service has significantly improved their quality of life. Residents can apply for a visit to the doctor without fear that the only leisure time offered will not fit into the public transport schedule. Users include people who use the service to get to the workplace or back to home. We are particularly pleased with the recent trip where visually impaired person was carried. We are very fortunate with the companies providing transport services in both regions. In the case at hand, the man was accompanied by a driver to all points of services, for which we are very grateful and proud to have done it so voluntarily.”


It is planned that in January 2020, representatives of Vidzeme Planning Region will organize a meeting with residents who have used the service so far to find out how satisfied they are with the current service of ToD and to hear suggestions for changes or improvements.

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