NABOGO App is becoming more popular in Vejle

Share your car with your neighbour!

After a successful launch on 9 September 2019 Vejle municipality, partner of the MAMBA project, continues promoting their pilot in the Smidstrup-Skærup village area. Posters advertising the NABOGO App have been placed in strategic spots around the area, in order to familiarise people with it and encourage them to use it. Furthermore, a clip showcasing the destinations available through the app has been produced and distributed.

The aim of the app is to enhance mobility and it comes as a response to the lack of public transport in rural areas, where buses do not travel as often as it would be necessary. Another aim is to reduce traffic jams and encourage people to share their cars with others travelling in the same area.

Anyone can register as a user and share their car with other passengers on their daily commute. The app can also be used by people who do not own a car, but instead, it can be used to look for a ride – be it for the daily commute or for a weekly trip to Vejle city centre.

NABOGO app was developed in collaboration between Vejle Municipality, NABOGO ApS and Sydtrafik.


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