School buses for those who already graduated

Trelleborg Municipality has been working on using existing resources in new useful and creative ways. Together with the department for social services and the manager for the municipality’s school buses, they have managed to create a platform and a new form of activity for the elderly. The initiative aims to facilitate mobility without using a car, but rather by employing transportation that the municipality already has access to. This collaboration between different departments resulted in a one day trip with the school buses, that took place on the 7 September, 2019, and was attended by eleven elderly people.

Since the buses are not active during the weekends they become the perfect resources for transporting the elderly during day trips. It doesn’t require any hefty investment of new infrastructure or transportation. The planning and organizing of the trips can be done quite easily since there are already people within the municipality who work with similar tasks. Such initiatives Day trips don’t only increase the mobility for elderly, but they also alleviate the problem of loneliness and exclusion, and also make rural areas within the municipality more accessible.

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