Co-working space in Södra Åby

A new co-working space has been opened in Södra Åby, as a result of the pilot of the Trelleborg group. The goal of this initiative is to develop the countryside, while also limiting the number of commuters to other bigger neighbouring cities and putting less pressure on the infrastructure of the region.

Södra Åby was picked for the pilot because of their active community group, that has coordinated different activities in the past. Also, working together with local groups made it both easier and faster to open up the co-working space, since they have an already established way of communicating with the inhabitants.

The goal is to have the co-working space open on Fridays, since people usually try to work from home and avoid having meetings before the weekend. To make this possible the Trelleborg team has hired Ulla-Britt, an active member of the Södra Åby community, that will be in charge of the site, opening it up and also spreading the word about this new opportunity.

The partnership with Södra Åby will continue to develop over time, but more information about that will come in the near future.