Mobility Hubs as a part of the mobility center

Working in the MAMBA project means networking and connecting stakeholders, learning from each other, exchanging ideas and even reassembling modules from other projects.

In our case we integrate a module from the “Masterplan Mobilität” – a mobility strategy which works on a large range of mobility activities – that was set up by the KielRegion, a supra-regional business development agency in Schleswig-Holstein and their “Mobility Agency” (Regionales Mobilitätsmanagement).

They developed the design basics of a mobility hub, that is supposed to be implemented throughout our region and worked out a framework contract with a manufacturer as well.

Mobility hubs link various modes of transport such as pedestrian and bicycle traffic, car sharing and public transport. They are designed to make it easier, for example, to transfer from bicycle to carpools, to a car-sharing car or to the bus, thereby promoting the mobility of locals and tourists alike. Depending on the local situation they can be designed differently – supplemented with a bus stop, e-charging points, car-sharing, car parks, a carpool, rental bicycles, modern and safe bike stands, digital departure boards or WiFi.

To encourage the municipalities of our county we promote the construction of these multi-vehicle mobility stations with 375.000 Euro and subsidise the eligible costs up to a rate of 75 %.

The next step is to integrate the mobility hubs into our mobility center – the interactive website, showing the mobility offers in our county.

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