Minister in Vidzeme

Ministerial meeting in Vidzeme

On 9 February 2019, Latvia’s new Transport Minister Talis Linkaitis, Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry, Janis Butans and the Head of the Minister’s Office, Arita Udre, visited Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences. Leading by example, they took the train to Vidzeme from Riga.

The minister started off by holding a lecture for the Masters’ of Business Administration study course “Corporate Responsibility and Ethics”, followed by a meeting with Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences’ Head Principal Gatis Krumins and the MAMBA team, Agita Livina, Sarmite Rozentale and Janis Bikse.

The MAMBA representatives introduced the Minister and his team to the MAMBA project goals and objectives and the activities carried out so far. The situation in the cities of Mazsalaca and Aluksne and possible transport-on-demand solutions, based upon preliminary interview results, were explained. These findings caught the Minister’s attention and led to the outline of potential transport-on-demand solutions, including their timeframe and scope.

At the end of the meeting the Minister concluded that the responsibility of the Ministry is to ensure the legislative framework, while the Municipalities are responsible for the mobility of residents from home to the closest public transport. Thus, current challenges have been acknowledged, and results and outcomes of the MAMBA project can hopefully close this gap in the future.

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