MAMBA project presented during the Research Night in Valmiera

The tradition of trading and bargaining, part of the societal heritage of the medieval Hanseatic city of Valmiera, was celebrated during the Research Night, on 28 September at the Valmiera Marketplace, and hosted a corner dedicated to the MAMBA project. Researchers Janis Bikse and Agita Livina created interactive opportunities for visitors to find suitable and innovative mobility solutions, e.g. by finding their way out of a forest (back) into the city. The main objective of the Research Night is to raise awareness among the larger public, especially among young people, about science and its impact on everyday life, while familiarising the audience with the profession of a scientist. More than 200 visitors took part in this event, bringing researchers closer to the Latvian society and raising the interest of young people in research and its multiple ramifications.


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