MAMBA project presented during Research Night in Valmiera

The tradition of trading and bargaining, part of the societal heritage of the medieval Hanseatic city of Valmiera, has been celebrated during Research Night. The event took place in Valmiera Marketplace, on the 28th of September and hosted a corner dedicated to the MAMBA project. Researchers Janis Bikse and Agita Livina interacted with visitors of the stand, by challenging them to find the best mobility solutions. For example, during one of the tasks the participants were supposed to find their ways from a rural area in the middle of the forest to the city, using chocolate bars as houses. The main objective of the Research Night is to raise awareness among the larger public, especially among young people, about science, while familiarizing them with the profession of a scientist and also, to reveal the impact of science such as natural sciences, social sciences and humanities on everyday life. More than 200 people took part in activities meant to bring researchers closer to the Latvian society and to raise the interest of young people in research and its multiple ramifications.