MAMBA at the BSSSC’s 26th Annual Conference in Gdansk

Photo: Jan Schmidt / Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein

This September, MAMBA was presented at the BSSSC’s 26th Annual Conference in Gdansk, Poland. BSSSC (Baltic Sea States Sub-Regional Cooperation) was established in 1993 as a political network for decentralised authorities in the Baltic Sea Region. At its 26th annual conference in Gdansk, selected Interreg projects were invited to complement the policy level discussions of the event with practical insights.

MAMBA – together with five other projects – contributed to a session with the title “Projects predict future: Our region in 20 years”. In the session, future-oriented projects of different backgrounds presented their perspective on the development of the Baltic Sea Region in the next two decades. Besides MAMBA with its focus on rural mobility, projects addressing key development questions such as digitalisation, energy infrastructure or smart growth were involved.

What is MAMBA’s take on rural mobility development in the next 20 years, as presented during the session? To find out what different stakeholders of the region think about this question, our presentation included a brief non-representative twitter survey. Among the highlights from the survey were key points such as “affordability”, “reliability”, “flexibility through sharing and networking”, “connectivity and flexibility of city life in my village” and many more. Yet to be realistic, we have to admit that all these points can only be reached with strong communities, sound knowledge of needs and demands, as well as the right framework conditions. And this is, where MAMBA comes into play. In a joint effort, MAMBA seeks to empower local and regional authorities to learn from each other and to develop innovative and sustainable mobility solutions for their regions.

BSSSC is an associated organisation of the MAMBA project and supports its project objectives with co-hosting of events and dissemination of the project outputs.

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