Second trans-national partner meeting marks six months since kick-off

The 2nd trans-national meeting took place in Neumünster, Germany 15 and 16 November 2017, and was hosted by the lead partner, Diakonie Schleswig-Holstein. Being the first meeting after the kick-off this meeting provided a good opportunity to learn more about each pilot and to hear about the progress with different partners. The meetings also provide an opportunity for partners to discuss different issues, learn from each other and exchange experiences.

All partners were also asked to participate in a workshop on Mobility Centres to 1) identify existing mobility centres; 2) identify challenges and barriers and 3) to work on strategies to make the centres successful. By concretising the above-mentioned dimensions, the partners should get clearer ideas on how to proceed with their concepts.

The next trans-national meeting takes place in Joensuu in Finland in March 2018.

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